Hornby Dublo nostalgia from the 1960's


Eastbank Model Railway Club with Southport Model Railway Society have been in the fortunate position to be able to rescue a Meccano commissioned Hornby Dublo two rail demonstrator train set from being ignominiously disposed of in an industrial skip. In view of the origin of the train set and the subsequent location from where it was recovered, the name "Binns" seems appropriate.

On examination of this "load of rubbish", as the train set was described, this statement was found to be quite accurate. The layout, which is 7 feet by 3 feet in size, was in a somewhat distressed condition with most of the original components absent or damaged. Restoration has been completed and has involved the cleaning and repainting of the baseboard, the replacement of damaged or missing track components and a complete refurbishment of the electrics and control system. As all the appropriate scenic accessories such as buildings, stations and operating signals were missing, these too have had to be replaced.

Despite what is often quoted or misquoted, nostalgia really is what it used to be.

A feature on "Binns" may be seen in the Christmas 2007 issue of "Model Rail".

The first photographs illustrate the layout just after it was rescued from its impending demise and the remainder show the finished result.

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