Belgian Coastal Trams

The Belgian Coastal Tramway runs along most of the Belgian coast between De Panne & Aidenkerk via Oostende to Knokke.

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Oostende is the main intermediate station on the Belgian Coastal Tramway. There is a return loop and storage sidings requiring an interesting track layout. This not to scale diagram illustrated the flexibility of the operational potential.

This is Oostende station on the Belgian coastal tramway. This service, ready to depart to De Panne consists of a Type SO motor coach, two Standard trailer cars and a luggage van. The date is August 1964.

Also at Oostende, a similar consist arrives from De Panne. August 1964

Departing for Knokke. The Type SO Motor Coaches have a service driving position at one end only. The other end has a door allowing the conductor to access the trailer cars. August 1964.

There were also some four wheel Motor Vans on the line. Very occasionally they could be seen hauling long consists of trailer cars. August 1964

The driver's view of the way ahead from a Type SO Motor Coach. Note that the controls were functional, unlike the vehicles of the 21st Century. August 1965.

The interior of a Type SO Motor Coach looking forwards. August 1965.

A closer look at the instrument panel of a Type SO Motor Coach. Again, no unnecessary complications. August 1965.

A general view of the storage yard at Oostende. In the background is the port and main line railway station. August 1965.

A Type SO Motor Coach awaiting its next turn of duty at Oostende. August 1965.

A Motor Van waits at Oostende ready to return trailer cars to the depot at Stelplaats, Oostende. August 1965.

On the main line between Blankenberg and Zeebrugge a Type SO Motor Coach is seen hauling a Type S trailer and a Standard trailer car. August 1968.

At the same location as above, one of the more unusual vehicles on the Coastal Line is this Type S double ended single car. August 1968.

At Knokke, some freight wagons may be seen along with two Type Standard trailer cars. August 1968.

Here we see a Type Standard motor coach on the turning loop at Knokke. August 1968.

A hotel room with a view. This is Blankenberg Pier Station and a westbound service is on route to Oostende and De Panne. August 1968. Consist is a Type SO Motor Coach, a Type S Trailer car and Type Standard trailer car.

A similar consist as above is approaching Blankenberg Pier Station with an eastbound service for Knokke. August 1968.

Back once again at Oostende and a Type SO Motor Coach, a Type S trailer car and a Type Standard trailer car head east towards Knokke. The Type S single car awaits its next duty. June 1980.

Returning to Oostende in October 1984, a surprise was encountered. All the familiar cream coloured vehicles were nowhere to be seen and new articulated Euro style vehicles had replaced them. The simple overhead had also been replaced with a catenary system.

The storage yard at Oostende and it is well populated with the new vehicles. October 1984.

Another view of the storage yard at Oostende, also in October 1984.