Previous Exhibition Layouts

Over the past years, the members of Eastbank Model Railway Club have constructed and exhibited a variety of layouts, most with themes that are not often represented at model railway exhibitions. For a more comprehensive list of exhibitions where we have presented our layouts, see the Past Exhibitions page.

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ALFORD: 1976-1986

An Eastbank layout with a conventional theme. Alford was a 00 scale layout and represented a small branch terminus in Scotland in the final years of the steam era. Being easily transportable, this layout was presented at various exhibitions in Scotland.

Photos: Douglas Kerr.

HILLKIRK: 1976-1978

This 00 scale layout was purposely built for exhibiting at Modelrail Scotland in 1977. The train service was very intensive, requiring the full attention of four operators, these being two drivers, a signalman and a fiddle yard manager. According to the exhibition guide, the location of Hillkirk was in Perthshire but the observant viewer will notice quite a few interlopers from Southern Region.

Photos: Alexander Clark.


This was our first layout specifically constructed to represent British Railways Southern Region in 00 scale. As almost no ready to run locomotives and rolling stock were available at that time we had to construct our own electric multiple units and passenger coaches from MTK products. The layout, which could be operated either in the then current modern image format of the late 1970's or in the steam and electric era of the early 1960's was exhibited at Modelrail Scotland in 1979 and 1980.

Photos: Alexander Clark.

This layout was featured in Railway Modeller, March 1980.

PENNSBURG: 1980-1984

This was our first venture into overseas modelling in H0 scale. In the USA, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, better known as Amtrak, was just ten years old at this time and layouts concentrating on Amtrak passenger train operations were most unusual. Correct H0 scale models were not readily available thus necessitating the modification of existing ready to run rolling stock to represent the early years of Amtrak. This layout was exhibited at Modelrail Scotland in 1981 and 1983 and at Londonrail '83 in the Great Western Royal Hotel, Paddington, London during the Easter weekend.

This layout was featured in Continental Modeller, September/October 1982.


Back again to a British Railways Southern Region themed 00 scale layout but in the then current modern image only format this time. The layout was based on a Channel port and was designed to be easily transportable and operable by one person resulting in many Scottish exhibition appearances including Modelrail Scotland 1987 and also at Harrogate, Derby and Shipley in 1987 and Wigan, Liverpool and Burnley in 1988. Most of the rolling stock was again constructed from MTK products. In June 1988 the layout less rolling stock was sold, the third rail was removed, overhead catenary installed and was converted to a Scottish theme, becoming Inverclyde Exchange in the era of Strathclyde Transport.

This layout was featured in Model Railways, October 1987.


As may be deduced from the title, this H0 scale layout depicted railroad operations in the Mid West of the USA but specifically those of the Burlington Northern railroad. Yes, that rotary coal tippler was fully operational. The layout was exhibited at Modelrail Scotland in 1990, 1991 and 1993 and also at numerous exhibitions throughout Northern England.

Second photo: Douglas Kerr.

TAVOLA: 1989-2006

After holidays in Italy and spending time watching Italian trains in action, the idea of recreating this entertainment in H0 scale came about. The trains all ran to time, not because of Mussolini but due to the fine products of Lima, Roco and Rivarossi. The scenic layout boards were only one foot wide and were described as a "layout on a plank". As the Italian word for plank or table is Tavola, that is why the layout was so named. This layout was exhibited at Burnley in 1990, Wigan in 1991, Derby in 1993, the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham in 1999 and Modelrail Scotland in 2001.

This layout was featured in Continental Modeller, May 1993.

MYTHIC: 1993-2003

Back to the USA once more and the H0 scale Amtrak theme was resurrected but this time depicting the northern portion of the electrified Northeast Corridor in the 1980's and 1990's. Once more ready to run locomotives and passenger cars required to be modified to represent the rolling stock of this era. This layout was exhibited at Derby in 1995, the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham in 1998 and Modelrail Scotland in 2000.

This layout was featured in Continental Modeller, November 1998.



Andersonville Texas was a N scale layout which portrays the then current operations of two of the most significant Class 1 Railroads in the USA today, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) and the Union Pacific Railroad (UP). The setting for the layout was in Texas at the imaginary town of Andersonville. The closest real life setting would be that around the town of Sweetwater, which is west of Abilene. The layout was exhibited at Helensburgh in 2007, Southport in 2007, Spalding in 2009, the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham in 2010, Modelrail Scotland in 2012 and Blackburn in 2012.

Photos: David Black.

This layout was featured in Continental Modeller, November 2009.