Class 74 Electro Diesel

The end of the line.

A not so great gathering took place during the Spring of 1978. The Class 74 Electro Diesel locomotives had a very short lifespan. Converted from Class 71 electric locomotives, these ten locomotives were given the ability to operate where the third rail did not go, such as harbours and goods yards. Retired from service towards the end of 1977, these final seven locomotives seen here await a ominous future. None are preserved.

These Class 74 scenes were taken at Eastleigh depot in April 1978. In those far off days, access was not discouraged and at that time we all had the common sense to beware of operations and also the third rail if present. It will bite you.

Nowadays at Eastleigh there are dire warnings about trespass, surveillance cameras and razor wire festoon the perimeter and it is stated that no visitor's permits will be issued under any circumstances.

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This scene from July 1968 shows a Class 71 electric locomotive, ten of which were converted into Class 74 electro diesels. Adjacent are two of the more numerous Class 73 electro diesels which were built as such from new. Also present is a Class 33 diesel electric.
Sunny South Sam may come first to the Southern but not on this day in April 1977. Locomotive are 74010, 74005, 74003 and 74009.
It seems somewhat wasteful that these locomotives were not kept in service longer. After all the Americans got more than forty years from their FL9 dual mode electro diesels. This is 74009 and 74003.
Almost looks as if it is ready for service on a Channel Islands boat train. The Class 74 operated these trains between London Waterloo to Bournemouth Central where a Class 33 diesel electric to over for the remaining part of the journey to Weymouth including a journey through the streets to the ferry terminal at Weymouth Quay. This is 74009.
Once again all the locomotives appear in fine condition. They are 74009, 74003, 74005 and 74010 and to the left is 74007 and 74008.
A closer view of 74007, 74008 and 74004 is on the right.
On its own, 74004 seems to have suffered a small prang. Out of the ten Class 74 locomotives that were built and the seven seen here in April 1978, numbers 74001, 74002 and 74006 were absent.