Glasgow Electric

Class 320 units

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The Class 320 electric multiple units first entered service with Strathclyde Transport in 1990 and were delivered in their current colour scheme of Strathclyde Red and Black. In the interests of political correctness the description of the colour scheme as Orange and Black is not to be recommended. The unit is approaching westbound at Hyndland. The signal box in the background has now been removed. July 1994.

An eastbound service is seen departing Dumbarton Central for Glasgow and beyond. At this time the Class 320 units only regularly operated on the north bank lines. December 1994.

A classic place to view trains is Craigendoran Junction. Here unit 320311 approaches Craigendoran Station in the standard colour scheme of Strathclyde Passenger Transport. April 1998.

A unit in the original colours of Strathclyde Transport approaches westbound at Bowling Station. April 1998.

The first unit repainted from Strathclyde Transport colours into Strathclyde Passenger Transport colours was 320306 and is seen at Helensburgh Central. As publicity for Scotland's largest model railway exhibition the unit was named "Model Rail Scotland". This livery was unique to this unit as it had a deeper cream window band and a light grey roof. Later repainted units were slightly different. April 1998.

The "Model Rail Scotland" nameplate as attached to the motor car. Helensburgh Central, April 1998.

The new and the old. Strathclyde Passenger Transport meets Strathclyde Transport. Helensburgh Central, April 1998.

This unit has just left Craigendoran and will run via Yoker to Drumgelloch, one station beyond Airdrie which was at that time the end of the line. April 1998.

On to Cardross and 320319 leads on a service to Drumgelloch. Units from 320308 onwards received a standard paint job with the cream window band dipping below the driver's door window and black roofs. April 1998.

Still at Cardross and 320306 leads on a service to Drumgelloch. Units 306 differs in that the cream window band is deeper, reaching the bottom of the driver's door window. Also the roof colour is light grey and not black. April 1998.

Craigendoran Junction and 320304, still in original Strathclyde Transport colours is approaching its penultimate stop at Craigendoran. April 1998.

The other unit with a unique paint job was 320307. Note that the cream window band is less deep, only just reaching the bottom of the passenger windows and does not dip below the driver's door window. The roof is also light grey. April 1998.

This view at Bowling was made famous by Terence Cuneo with his painting of a then new Class 303 Blue Train heading west. Besides a different type of unit, the Erskine Bridge is in the background and there is no steam locomotive in the siding. April 1998.

A third major colour scheme has now been applied to 320306 and is now in the colours of ScotRail, as operated by First Group. Unfortunately after the repaint the "Model Rail Scotland" nameplates have disappeared. The unit is seen departing eastbound at Dumbarton Central. October 2013.

As may be observed the "Model Rail Scotland" nameplate is conspicuous by its absence from 320306. October 2013.